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SoloSign API is a powerful and versatile electronic signature solution designed to streamline document signing workflows, providing a seamless and secure experience for businesses and developers. With SoloSign, you can effortlessly integrate electronic signatures into your workflows, bringing efficiency and peace of mind to your Power Automate processes.

Effortless Integration

SoloSign API is designed with simplicity in mind. Integrating electronic signatures into your application is as easy as making a single API call. You can quickly customise the signing parameters to match your needs, ensuring a consistent and secure signature. Save development time and resources with SoloSign's straightforward integration, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

Enhanced Security

Security is at the core of SoloSign's design. Our API leverages robust encryption and authentication methods to protect sensitive document contents and user data. Each signed flow action is tamper-proof, and a comprehensive audit trail ensures accountability and compliance. With SoloSign, you can trust that your documents are safe and legally binding.

Seamless User Experience

SoloSign offers a user-friendly and intuitive signing experience. Your team can sign documents from any device with an internet connection, eliminating the need for complicated workarounds. A simple UI, enhancing the convenience of the signing process. Plus, real-time status monitoring keep everyone informed of the signing service, reducing downtime.

Industry Standard

With SoloSign API, you can transform your document signing processes, making them more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly. Whether you're in finance, healthcare, legal, or any other industry, SoloSign simplifies the way you handle document signatures, empowering you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Pricing Plans

Simple, easy to understand pricing per API call



100/ API calls

All features

Fast signing

Unlimited Users

Unlimited actions

Unlimited flows



up to 5,000/ API calls

All features

Priority signing

Unlimited Users

Unlimited actions

Unlimited flows


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