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No need to look any further, tell us what you need and we'll create any form - for internal or external use. We help public sector organisation shift from manual to automated processes.

Offline Data Collection

Collect data in the most remote locations even without an Internet connection. Your forms will automatically save data locally and auto sync data when you re-connect to the Internet.

PDF Forms

Convert PDFs into forms to collect data and output to PDF for user-facing downloads. Map your existing PDF templates directly to your SoloForm forms and have them automatically displayed.

Single or Multi-Step Forms

Single or Multi-step forms allows you to quickly capture information anywhere. Manage the submission data, file uploads, notifications, conditional logic, conditional flows, and accessibility.

Dynamic Logic Forms

Configure your forms to automatically enforce compliance and safety checks, Present only relevant form questions to simplify data entry using hide and show rules. Utilise embedded formulas for scoring and advanced calculations.

API Driven Forms

With our drag-and-drop interface, we can build and manage complex forms and APIs. Connect data source in or out with ease without having to write code. We can also create internal tools for you and your team to improve productivity.

Embed Anywhere

Fully embedded forms using your framework, CDN, & cloud provider, mobile-ready, with NO iframes. You don't have to maintain multiple versions of the same form just because they are in different languages—a single form translates dynamically

Let us help you build your next form

Data and security compliance is never at risk when you maintain 100% control of your application data within your own environments.


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