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SoloReact Features

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Normal Campaign

Interact via your website or email

Collect customer feedback, generate leads, and interact with your customers throughout your website and email. You can create campaigns to collect customer feedback from your website and email, use data for decision-making, improve customer experience, and optimize conversions based on data. With SoloReact, you can create a campaign in a few seconds with a few clicks. The campaigns are tracked in real-time so you can monitor and tweak campaigns and targeting on time. Automated campaigns are no less than a blessing that lets you create a full-fledged survey, lead generation, or feedback campaign without any technical know-how.


NPS Campaign

Start measuring customer loyalty

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most popular customer loyalty measurement techniques. Measuring customer loyalty is essential as engaged and loyal customers spend 90% more than non-engaged customers and 60% more per transaction. Thanks to SoloReact NPS campaign that lets you create fully automated campaigns. You can use URL targeting to collect feedback from the most appropriate customers who visit a specific webpage on your website. With an email widget, you can run an NPS campaign via email. You don’t have to do any calculations, the analytics dashboard will show you the NPS score with individual responses at the end of the campaign.


CSAT Campaign

Measure customer satisfaction

Do you want to measure Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)? SoloReact can help you do it. CSAT is a single-item Likert scale survey that measures customer satisfaction of specific customer interaction. You can send the CSAT questionnaire to your customers. This helps you track performance and see how well you are doing. SoloReact make it easier to create, manage, and run automated CSAT campaigns. You can send CSAT to customers via email after pre-defined interactions they have with your business. Measure satisfaction for all the interactions in the SoloReact analytics dashboard, identify loopholes and take necessary steps to improve satisfaction.


CES Campaign

Measure custom experience

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a single-item survey that measures customer experience. Customers tell you how easy it was for them to interact with your business. You can run an end-to-end CES campaign with SoloReact. Choose a campaign template, customize it, add rules, and use automation to run it. Your customers will receive a CES survey via email or on your website as pop-ups based on rules you have set. Once your customers will start submitting CES responses, you can view details in SoloReact Analytics. It generates easy-to-understand reports that show you average CES score. You can make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience and make it easy for your customers to interact with your business.


Survey Campaign

Increase your survey response rates

You can create highly customized emojis-driven survey campaigns with SoloReact. Unlike traditional surveys, SoloReact use emojis. This increases the response rate of any survey you create because consumers love interacting with emojis – as opposed to text. All they have to do is select a relevant emoji to submit their response. SoloReact surveys don’t just use emojis rather they help you track user emotions. You can run the survey campaign by SoloReact on your website and email with full customization. You can use URL triggers and geographical data to improve engagement and boost the response rate.


Newsletter Campaign

Capture more leads with interactions

Generating leads gets easier with SoloReact subscribe to newsletter campaigns. Use responsive mobile widgets to push website visitors on mobile and desktop to your sales funnel. Ask a quick question if they want to subscribe to your newsletter, let visitors choose an emoji, and then ask for their email address based on the emoji they pick. URL triggers, emotional analytics, and geographical data help you improve targeting over time. You can identify the best URLs, best emojis, and locations with the highest subscription rate. All the data is visible in the analytics dashboard with simplified automated reports.


Discount Campaign

Reduce bounce rate with incentives

A discount campaign helps you reduce cart abandonment, boost sales, and generate leads. You can send a quick survey via SoloReact offering website visitors with immediate discount coupons. You can use URL triggers to run discount campaigns when visitors land on a specific URL (e.g., checkout page). If you want to run a site-wide clearance sale, create a discount campaign. Offer an instant discount in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Use widget customization to choose relevant emojis from a collection of more than 100 emoji templates.

Check out what clients say

SoloReact allows us to evaluate our contents, shows us user's feelings and their experiences on our platform and blog posts. It is essential when I want to generate more connections with my future clients.


Marketing Manager at HealthAtom

At Rebrandly, we were really amazed at how successful SoloReact was with our users. In fact, thanks to the thousands of feedback received via the SoloReact email widget, we were able to make our newsletters more personal, reducing the number of unsubscribed users


Founder of Rebrandly

SoloReact is an awesome tool, you don’t just get user feedback but you can generate leads at the same time. Our response rate was very high (over 25%) this made it possible for us to collect thousands of priceless feedback and boost a lot our subscribers.


Founder of GoPillar
















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Who should use SoloReact?

SoloReact is the best tool to collect feedback and new leads, designed for bloggers, marketers, eCommerce websites, developers and all other web businesses. If you want to grow your email subscribers and improve contents or products, then you need SoloReact.

What's required to use SoloReact? Do I need to have coding skills to use SoloReact?

No coding skills are needed. All you need is a working website and you can use SoloReact. SoloReact can be used on any type of website, and we have specific integrations for website platforms like WordPress.

What are SoloReact Reactions?

User reactions are a new way in which users can express their emotions about your services, products or contents. Reactions are designed on two key principles: reactions are universally understood, reactions allow people to express themselves in ways they would in real life.

Can I use SoloReact on client sites?

Yes, you can use SoloReact on client sites. If you're interested in distributing SoloReact as part of your consulting package, then please contact us for bulk-pricing deals.

How does SoloReact count reactions?

Every time a user leaves a reaction this will be counted. But the user can leave only one reaction per page, if the user first clicks on Like and then on Angry this will be counted as just one reaction.

Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important?

The customer satisfaction is the key metric for every successful business. It is the metric to rule them all. In an increasingly competitive world with a huge offer of services and products, it is of fundamental importance to know the satisfaction of your customers and to act with the aim of increasing it.