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Simple Privacy-Focused web analytics

User Friendly

No Cookie Notice

Low Cost

GDPR Compliant

Analytics Made Easy

Give your visitors piece of mind by letting them know their not being tracked across the web with our advanced analytics.


See a detailed report of your website traffic in real time.


Find out where your visitors are from, down to the city level.


Get a comprehensive overview of your website statistics.


Know the devices and software your visitors are using.


Analyse what pages perform the best on your website.


Create custom events and track their conversions.


Learn through which traffic channels you acquire your visitors.


Export all your website’s statistics in CSV format.


Our tracking code is less than 1kb in size for better performance.


Easily integrates with any platform or CMS


What People Say

I installed Solort on my personal website yesterday, and wow, what a breath of fresh air. I love how simple it is, and for something like a blog it really gives you all the traffic metrics you could need.

Joel Gascoigne


What People Say

I switched to Solort because it’s an ethical analytics tool that I can trust with my data. The interface is beautifully simple to use: it shows me everything I want to know about my site’s performance, and nothing I don’t!

Charli Marie


What People Say

Solort is the perfect privacy-based Analytics solution for us. We can provide the metrics that our clients need and reassure them that their customers’ data isn’t being shared with faceless companies.

Darren Pinder


What People Say

Developers are pretty tech-savvy people, and these days very privacy-cautious–they understand how scripts follow you across the internet, that’s why we choose Solort, because they don’t do that.

Oskar Krawczyk

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Unlimited websites

Unlimited events

Email reports

Data ownership

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