Automated Multi-channel Email Marketing

Helping you understand your audience, listen to them and build a lasting relationship.

Emails Sent Monthly
Emails Sent Monthly
Flexible Marketing

Connect with customers via popular social media platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Or, use our smart email feature to send targeted just in time messages.

Build Customer Relationship

Gather powerful insights about customer engagement with your content. Leverage this insight to create higher return on investment behaviour from contacts.

Personalised Email Experience

Let your customers feel valued by sending tailored emails based on their interaction with your product or service.

Focus On The Business

Do more in less time, with better results. Have more time to increase customer acquisition. Take repeatable tasks off your plate, focus on what’s important.

Delivery and Analytics for Better Email Performance









What We Do

Solort provides detailed contact tracking along with powerful contact nurturing tools to help you organise your marketing campaigns. Solort automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, sending email, text messages, web notifications, tracking social media, and integrating with your CRM and other systems.

Contact Nurturing & Tracking

Solort provides in-depth and detailed contact tracking along with powerful contact nurturing tools to provide businesses with the tools needed to organise their marketing campaigns. Contact tracking provides page views, time spent on site, and specific interests. Solort takes contact nurturing one step further by allowing businesses to create any type of additional custom fields for a contact. Using deeply integrated API’s it is possible to tie your CRM fields direct to your contact fields.

Campaign Marketing & Dripflow Programs

Campaigns and drip programs are critical to any good marketing automation program. Solort comes with flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Create a campaign and define actions and events which contacts will follow. Automate the process of connecting with contacts and nurturing them along the sales funnel. Solort lets businesses define multiple outcome processes and set both date triggered actions as well as activity triggered actions.

Social Media Integrations

Social media networks provide fantastic opportunities to connect with contacts and potential customers. Businesses who recognise the importance of social media and how to use these networks to form relationships will find Solort’s integrations top of the line. In addition, Solort allows developers to add any additional networks they choose. Any social network with an API can be integrated into Solort quickly and easily. Businesses love Solort’s social integrations.

Create Stunning Landing Pages

Marketing automation uses landing pages to help capture key information from site visitors. Solort lets businesses create stunning and unique landing pages easily through the integrated page builder. These landing pages provide key information to help monitor site traffic and also allows download monitoring for asset management. All of these resources working together create a personal profile on each site visitor tailored to their interests and needs and provide businesses with relevant information for building a strong profile.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing

That’s marketing automation. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s automatic.



"First off, I want to say thanks the Solort team. Simply incredible. For some time, I’ve wanted to figure out a way to leverage my advertising and digital marketing experience to help truly small business overcome the challenges of modern marketing. Solort is going to fill a huge void."


"I’ve been looking at Hubspot and Marketo in recent weeks, but after finding Solort I’ve decided to go with it and have recommended it to our marketing department and GM. It is seriously good and I hope it continues to “kick ass”."


"As an organisation I believe your initiative is awesome, you are giving a huge value in a field that is currently growing and is also dominated by SaaS."



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Emails Sent Monthly
Emails Sent Monthly
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