Built With Compliance In Mind

Built into SoloPort

Multi-channel Support Portal
Video & Voice Calling
Form Builder & Workflow
Web & Portal Analytics
Knowledge Base Builder
Calendar & Bookings System
Screen Share & Remote Control
User Feedback & Bug Report Tool
Cookie Compliance Tool
Web Accessibility Tool

Unifying Web Tools






Business channels

Why SoloPort

Unified & Shared Support Inbox
Voice & Video Support Tool
Create Banners, Forms & Polls
Event Based Analytics Tool
Self-Service KB Article Creator
Accept & Assign Bookings
Remote Assist Customers
Capture Customer Feedback
GDPR Compliant Cookie Tool
Easy to use Accessibility Tool

Manage all your customer support in one place

Support customers no matter which channel they use to contact you with Multi-channel support.

Channels: Chat, Email, Social Media, Video, Voice
Respond with automated personalised messages
Capture Support, Feedback or Bug Reports
Reduce support tickets with self-service articles
Improve product or service with insights
Automatic language detection and translation


Branded easy to use form builder

Drag and drop form builder for everything from collecting customer feedback to marketing.

Convert visitors into leads
Non-iframe forms publish anywhere
Up to 1,000 form fields
Add conditional logic & workflows to forms
20 different field types
Integrates with other SoloPort apps


Unified website tools to help your business grow

Quickly replace expensive fragmented web tools with SoloPort's suite of integrated apps.

User-friendly cookie compliance widget
Keep customers in the loop with site banners
Improve accessibility for less abled customers
Report bugs accurately with annotations & browser info
Site-Walkthrough help customers reach their goals
Better insights with heatmap event based analytics tool



Onboard your customer support to SoloPort in a day.

Add your support mailbox email
Connect or Import customer data
Embed SoloPort widget
Start engaging customers

One platform to manage all

your support offerings

Add a single code snippet to your website and access all SoloPort features

Chat Support

Let your visitors choose the right department before starting a conversation. Assign departments to agents to limit access only to conversations assigned to them.

Bug Capture

Track issues & bugs directly in your browser. With screenshots & annotation tools. Assign issues to team, set priority, add watchers, tags and mark status to track.

Customer Feedback

Collect feedback, issues & feature requests, measure customer experience NPS, CSAT and CES

or improve development with (QA, UAT, beta testing).

Support Tickets

Have customers submit support requests directly from the chat window, auto assign to departments or agents based on chat content or user selection.

Screen Share

Connect to a customer's session to see exactly the issue blocking them from completing a task on your website. Resolve these issues much quicker.

Screen Control

Take control of a customer's session and quickly reproduce any errors being reported in order to resolve support queries more efficiently.

Site Walkthrough

Provide step-by-step walkthrough to your customers for new or existing features and guide them to achieve a desired outcome.

Form Builder

Build branded, high converting forms that customers will be happy completing. Using the drag and drop builder or a pre-built template.

Video calls

Use video calls to offer a more personalised support experience to customers. Or use this feature to train, demonstrate or upskill customers and staff alike.


Analyse and report on your customer interactions not only on your website but also on any of the features enabled on your support portal.

Site Banner

Update customers, promote new features or offers in real-time. Use as a call-to-action, limit visibility to specific pages and direct customer to specific areas.

KB Articles

Provide self service help for customers and fewer questions for your agents with the integrated knowledge base accessible from within the chat.


Connect to your currently work flow with Soloport seamless integrations


No more buffering - create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React - the most efficient JavaScript library.

Cross-Channel Customer Engagement

SoloPort for Websites

Get direct feedback on how your customers experience your website so that you can drive strategy and boost engagement.

SoloPort for Apps

Collect powerful feedback from your native apps with Soloport’s flexible and easy-to-install SDKs for iOS and Android.

SoloPort for Emails

It’s time to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. It’s not just about the number of clicks or opens. 

Industry Solutions

Trying to run a support desk via Outlook? Easily connect your support email address to SoloPort and streamline your support process.










Frequently asked questions

Still have unanswered questions? Continue reading below, hopefully we'll be able to answer them all.

What is SoloPort?

SoloPort's all-in-one customer support platform and unified web tools empower teams to deliver fast, personal, high-quality support to reduce costs, increase engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

How can I use SoloPort?

Using a single line of code you can, chat with your website visitors, show personalised messages, capture customer feedback, analyse visitor traffic and much more. Connect your domain to start hosting your support portal in the cloud. Though SoloPort was not built as a CRM it can be used as one and branded as you see fit.

What makes SoloPort different?

SoloPort was built to be the most flexible customer support portal out there. But our USP is Cards - with cards you can pull data from any API or Database, then display it alongside customer data in the right hand column.

How secure is SoloPort?

We follow all the best practices to make sure your data is safe at all times. We're GDPR, HIPAA and ISO compliant. This means you can use the tool even if you are a doctor and need to share private information with your patients, or if you’re an accountant and need to update your terms, or send your clients their self-assessment for the year.

We’re offering a Free 30-day trial for SoloPort Software. Our PRO plans best suits businesses that want to improve their customer support and get customer feedback.

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